Sunday, April 29, 2012

SF Ballet: Don Quixote

Last night I attended SF Ballet's new production of Don Quixote and I was left speechless.  It was without a doubt the best production of Don Q I have ever seen in my life.  (For this reason I fear this will not be a compelling review, rather, just me gushing adoration for this ballet).  This new production features gorgeous original costumes and sets by Martin Pakledinaz; it was a feast for the eyes.  In fact last night was an orgy for all my senses, the music, the dancing, the costumes and sets, the whisky I drank during the first intermission, all delicious.  What really made this production was the jaw-dropping performances given by both Maria Kotchetkova as Kitri and Taras Domitro as Basilio (they are posing in the above video).  I have expressed my adulation for Kotchetkova on this blog several times already, but after last night I want to bow down and kiss her probably mangled feet from the incandescent dancing she performed.  I did not know what to expect from Domitro, but just like Kotchetkova every step and every movement was elegant and virtuosic, and he was a wonderful comedic actor.  During the final wedding pas de deux I literally could not stop myself from smiling.  Not only did they perform the classic steps with chutzpah as well as grace, they infused extra bravura that galvanized the audience into uproarious applause.  I have never seen an audience so excited, so involved, so delighted.  To put a large ripe cherry on top of the already gluttonously good cake that was last night, I experienced all of this from Box Q, perhaps the most wonderful vantage point to experience any production on the War Memorial Opera House stage.

Nataly and me in front of the door to Narnia, I mean our seats for Don Quixote.

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